What is success? Am I successful? Do I need to be successful? Is success the purpose of life?

Elite housing, fancy car, have money to burn, do these stand for success?

Well known celebrity, popular artist, win Nobel Prize, a leader of a country, are these people successful?

How to define success? What’s the standard of success?

Am I successful or am I failed? What do I have in my life? What have I achieved in my life?

Some people see me as I’m very successful in my life, some people don’t. That’s all other people’s thought regarding my life. Ask myself the same question, am I successful? I would say, both yes and no.

Do I need to be successful? Ask the question to myself, so do I need to succeed in anything?

Is success the purpose of life? What’s the purpose of life?

Success is not the purpose of life as many people would say, we perhaps all know that Happiness is the purpose of life and, happiness is what we suppose to pursue.

Then this answer leads to another topic, what is happiness? What is your happiness?


What makes me sad is seeing others more successful than me.

It hurts to see someone succeed much better than I did even I’m much better and suppose to be more successful.

Actually I’m not sure I’m better than others.🙁

I have been told I’m smart, talented and I should’ve got more successful life. But I didn’t achieve that much.

I failed, at least I feel like I’m failed in many things.

I think success is the biggest point which hurts me a lot. And it gives me fear, it pulls me down, I lost confidence in this point.