Screwy Susana 扭曲的靈魂 Bilingual version

Screwy Susana



Susana packed her belongings and slammed the door behind her. She left with anger.


It was one hour ago, “Sorry, Susana, I have to admit we had good time together, but it is over. You have to leave now.” Roy sat in the couch with his legs crossed.


“But you promised me a future, you told me you love me, you said you…” Susana was doing her best to make herself calm down. She couldn’t think about losing this man, all her life depends on this man. “You promised me to give a better life for me, Roy, I can’t live without you. I love you. “


“Come on Susana, we both know why you are with me, stop telling me this bullshit.” Roy didn’t even want to look at her, she’s only annoying to him now, get rid of her is the only thing on his mind. Because he’s waiting for his new girl to come over.

「省省吧, 蘇珊娜,我們心裡都清楚,你為什麼跟我在一起,所以,別再跟我鬼扯了。」羅伊連看都不想看她一眼,看到她,只覺得厭煩,所以,一心只想怎麼擺脫她。因為他的新女友馬上就到了。

“why I am with you? Because I love you Roy, Roy, please don’t leave me, I beg you…” Susana was panicked of losing him. She couldn’t imagine her life without money, she needs money, her family needs money. She needs the feeling of being rich to fill up her big whole in life. But all she can do is getting a rich man. She left one man for another man and another man. But she never expected to be dumped like this.

「我為什麼跟你在一起? 因為我愛你,羅伊,羅伊,請不要離開我,我求求你……」想到失去羅伊,蘇珊娜就十分害怕,她不敢想像沒有錢的日子怎麼過,她需要錢,她的家人也需要錢。她需要過著有錢人的生活,來填補她內心的空虛。但是,她唯一會做的事,就是找個有錢的男人。為了錢,她離開一個又一個男人,卻不曾料到,會被如此拋棄。

Someone knocked on the door, “Roy, are you there?” It’s Roy’s new girl Lulu.


Susana asked Roy with a shaking voice:” Who’s that?”


“Well, she’s my girl. Now you have to go.”Roy stood up and walked towards the door.


Susana looked at Roy’s back, all the happy moment with him came to her mind, and all her dreams of a perfect rich life with him came to her mind too. But now, it’s all gone. How can she accept it? No she can’t!

蘇珊娜望著羅伊的背影,過去一切美好的回憶都浮現腦海,她所有的關於有錢人生活的夢想全部出現在眼前。可是現在,一切都完了。這要她如何接受? 不,她不能接受!

She hated him, she hated her husband, she hated her ex boyfriend, she hated everybody.


She ran to the kitchen and took that sharp shining new kitchen knife which Roy made dinner for her when the first night she had sex with him.


Susana jumped up to Roy’s back and held his shoulder with her left arm, the knife sliced into Roy’s neck easily.


The blood shot out suddenly like a fountain. He didn’t have any time to fight back, just fell down immediately.


To be continued


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