Screwy Susana Chapter 2

“Roy honey, it’s me Lulu.” Lulu checked her lipsticks through the mirror of the door. She met Roy at the Segar Club which owned by Roy.


All her friends know Roy, and everybody is crazy about him, Lulu was flattered when Roy offered her a drink and asked her to dance with him.


She had been waited for about 20 minutes, there was no answer, she’s got patient, she had all her time for this kind of man.


The door was opened by a woman, who was only in a man’s blue shirt. It was Susana.


Susana stared at Lulu coldly without a word.


“Hi, I am here for Roy.” Lulu smiled at Susana, “Are you the maid?”


“I am his girlfriend.  I am Susana.” Susana leaned on the door frame. She didn’t plan to let Lulu in.


“Oh… Susana…” Lulu checked her out with a contemptuous expression, “Roy’s girlfriend, oh no no no, the EX girlfriend. Where is Roy?” Lulu attempted to get into the house, but Susana didn’t want to let her in by closing the door.


“Hey, you can’t do this, I am invited by Roy. Let me in.”Lulu held the door handle and pulled it back strongly.


Susana lost her control to the door after few minutes battled with Lulu.  Lulu rushed into the house.


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