Screwy Susana Chapter 3

“Roy, Roy, are you home?” Lulu rushed into the spacious living room, there is nobody there but only the fancy furnitures.


“He is not here.” Susana crossed her arms in front of her chest and tilted her head to the left.


Lulu checked around the living room and the kitchen, she walked up to the second floor as well.


“No, you can’t go up there.” Susana ran after her. There were three rooms on the second floor, but it was all empty.


“Okay, I will call him.” Lulu didn’t want to give up.


Susana noticed something on the living room’s floor, it was Roy’s cellphone. It was flashing and vibrating next to the couch. “Now, get out of here.” Susana dragged Lulu and tried to get her out.


“Don’t touch me.” Lulu was holding her phone, there was no answer from Roy. She prepared to leave. But she was not prepared to give up on Roy. “It is you whom should get out of here, you are not his girl anymore, and I will be the new mistress of this mansion. So, better don’t let me see you again when I come back.”


10 minutes after Lulu left, Susana left Roy’s mansion too. She slammed the door behind her. She left with anger and fear.


Susana got in a taxi and hit the road to her own home. She opened her handbag in the back seat, there was a lot of cash inside the handbag, she robbed Roy after she murdered him. Some cash was stained by the blood, beneath the cash, there was the kitchen knife–the murder weapon.



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