Screwy Susana Chapter 4

Susana got back to home where she lives with her sick mother and sister who doesn’t have a job. They live in a poor neighbourhood surrounded by senior citizens, gangsters and drug dealers. That is the paradise for criminals.


“Susana, where have you been, you bitch! You don’t care about your mother at all, you’d rather to see me died, I know it, you selfish slut, only care about yourself, monkeying around with men, bitch! Have you ever taken care of this family?” Even though Susana’s mother is sick seriously, could die anytime soon, she still is mad at her daughter, why don’t they bring back more money? Why does she have such poor life? She feels life is so unfair to her.


“Susana, do you have money, I need 1000.” it is Nalani, Susana’s younger sister, there is a bottle of cheap drink in her left hand, and a cigarette in her right hand.


“Money, money, you only know money, you only need money from me, what if I was died or killed outside, do you both care about me? No, you don’t, you never care about me, you only care about money.” Susana opened her handbag, grabbed the cash out of her hangbag with anger, then threw it to her mother’s bed. The knife was threw out accidently as well.


Susana picked up the knife immediately and hid it back to her bandbag, her mother and sister didn’t even notice it. They were attracted to the money on the bed, it was a lot of money.


“Oh, Susana, my sweet daughter, that is so helpful, you are so great, my beautiful child.” Susana’s mother smiles at her, it is a big difference from what she just did few minutes before. “Nalani, look at your sister, you should be like her. She is much better than you.”


“Mama, mama, I…” Susana wants to tell her mother that she killed Roy, but her mother is too busy to collect the money on the bed, she doesn’t have time for her daughter at all. “Nevermind, hope you are happy, take care, mama.”


Susana thinks she should go back to the mansion, she needs to take care of Roy’s dead body.


It is dark already when Susana is back to the mansion. Everything still looks the same as if there is nothing happened in a faint light from the street lights. However, the strong smell of blood reminds her the horrible things was really happened.


She is getting nervous and her body is shaking, she could hear her heart beating like a drum. She walks toward the location where she hid the body slowly.   



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