Screwy Susana Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Roy’s mansion was located in suburb. It was very dark and dead silence reigned everywhere. Susana only could hear her own footsteps, but sometimes it seemed like there were another person’s footsteps behind her, that made her wonder if someone else was following her. When she stopped, the footsteps were stopped as well.  


“Okay, stop scare myself.” Susana thought. She kept walking, and the footsteps sounded more than one person again. “Susana…” someone was whispering her name in her ears.


“Ugh!” Susana clenched her fists even tightly. With a sudden move, she turned around. Nobody was behind her. She checked around with a horrified look.


She kept moving toward the door of the basement even though Susana was having her heart in her boots.   


Susana moved her shaking hand to the door handle slowly, her palm was wet, and the door handle was cold, even it was summer evening in an tropical island, Susana felt cold as hell.


“Maybe Roy is standing there when I open the door, maybe someone else is there with him, maybe…ghost…monsters…” Susan’s mind was going wild, all the creepy creatures and ideas came into her mind at the moment. “Run, run away Susana.!” her inner voice was asking her to do so.


“No, I can not run away. The police will get me, they will put me into jail and kill me.” Susan was debating with herself. “I have to do this, I must do this. I must!”


The basement was opened, Susana closed the door and walked down. She lit on the flashlight on her phone.


Blood was there, all over the stairs, some blood was on the wall, still fresh.


When Lulu came, Susana pulled Roy’s body to the basement, and kicked the body to downstairs. Susana saw the dead body rolled down like a tree trunk. Then she cleaned up the floor with bath towels and threw them all down to the basement, the body was covered by those bloody bath towels.


To be continued

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