Screwy Susana Chapter 6

Chapter 6


The switch was turned on in the basement. Susana walked down to the bloody bath towels. She was stunned to find out the towels were pulled away.

There was nothing under the towels, the body was gone.

“How is it possible? Where could a dead body go?” It was a basement about 100 square meters. There was an old bed, table, chair and some other furniture on the right side, some construction tools were piled up on the left side.

Susana walked towards the bed, a pool of blood was on the bed, some bloody hand prints were everywhere.

“Roy? Where are you?” Susana realized that maybe he was still alive. She bended over besides the bed, it was dark under the bed, but she could feel that, there was nobody there.

Susan walked around the basement for about 10 minutes, still couldn’t find Roy, there was an old closet next to the bed, the crimson color is faded. She walked to the closet.

Nothing but darkness in front of his eyes when Roy woke up, it took him very long to figure out what’s happened. He used the towel to wrap up his neck, “help…” he tried to call, but no voice, the vocal cord was cut off. He tried to stand up, but also couldn’t. He was too weak from losing a lot of blood. Roy climbed to the door, but it was locked from outside.  He knocked the door for hours, but no one came. Later on, he heard someone was coming, it was a woman with a  very familiar footsteps. “Susana.” Roy said. He managed to climb down to the basement again, and hid himself in the closet.

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