Healing angel from the heaven, cristal is your pure heart.

The injured, the lost, the blind, the deaf, the rich, the poor… love is music given by your shining heart.

The lonely angel, what have you got for return?

Keep playing, even though your own is the only audience!

Written by Haimi Wak


Why have you been chained? Did you gain anything?

In the name of love, nobody but I put the chain on my own ankel.

At the end of the chain, it is a pole called time. Time has no shore, but the ankel will turn to be dust.

Free! Break the chain! Time breaks my life.

Written by Haimi Wak

The letter from my father

I couldn’t stop sobbing when I touched this letter. How can I stop crying my eyes out!

Then I cried out of loud during reading it again.

For so many years, every word he said is still the same like yesterday.

Haixu my child,

This is the second time I talk to you through writing. First, I hope you’ll keep this letter with you, you may read it when you are home sick.

After you arrived Taiwan, get a phone number, tell us the cellphone number and home phone number as well. Call us as more as you can, keep contact with your sisters and brother more often on the internet.

Try to see if you can make money by your own hands in Taiwan, and save some money, just in case for some rainy days. “The person has no forethought, having the immediate worries necessarily.”(Chinese saying 人無遠慮,必有近憂。)

Basically, have a good life with Hanxing, if there’s the time, you can’t make it work anymore, keep it in mind, there’s the place called home, and your parents whom love you the most.

There’re many things, I’ve written to Hanxing already. If he doesn’t keep the letter, you’d better keep it for him.

Take the letters out when you miss home, it could comfort you in some way.

Your mom will go to Shenyang, will say goodbye to you at the airport.

The love parents have for the children is always caritas, the love will never change.

The older we get, the more we’ll miss you.

In the past 8 years, you mom sacrificed and worried a lot for you. We really hope you’ll have a happy marriage, but we also have a lot of considerations. We hope you tale this opportunity to have a new start in your life.

Have a happy life, then we’ll be happy for you too.

We hope you’ll fit in the new environment and the new life style there, be forbearing and conciliatory for safety reasons. Safe is the most important thing.

Don’t know what have I written, just stop here. Think more and react carefully.”(Chinese saying 多思慎行)

Wish you a happy life.

Your baba and mama 07,6,23

Where had he gone?

If, life is over as nothing just like a candle burned out.

If, after the last breath stopped, everything of the person just disappeared.

What if, there’s the soul which lasts forever.

What if, the soul had gone to another dimetion.

Father, where had you gone to? Where are you? Do you still remember me as your little girl? Or I’m just one in the millions of people in your eternal life?


Don’t know what to write.

Remember when I was a teen girl, I slept with my grandma in her room. We didn’t watch TV, I’d listen to her telling all her stories. Sometimes she repeated the same story again and again.

Sometimes, she didn’t say a word. I’d write when she’s quiet. I hadn’t compose yet, only wrote down famous poem.

I still remember, it was a winter night, the wind was screaming like a wolf. I wrote and wrote as releasing my emotions. I already had so many emotions when I was a teenager.