“The dream is the reflection of the waves of the unconscious life in the floor of the imagination” (H.AMIEL 1989).

“This day’s residue is transformed by dream work into a dream and made innocuous by sleep” (S.FREUD 1932).

“I was never able to agree with Freud that the dream is a ‘façade’ behind which its meaning lies hidden—a meaning already known but maliciously so to speak withheld from consciousness” (Carl Jung, 1952).

Most of the time, when you remember your dreams, it’s not the plot which wraps you in your thoughts but the feelings that impacts emotions. A stranger in the dream who seemed like had so strong connection to you who could even read your mind, A friend who wanted to protect his friends, a feeling of being in a dangerous situation.A feeling of lost beloved one…All plot is a myth, but all feelings are real.

Don’t tell your dream is not real, it is real.

I believe dream is a part of our existence life, why do we have dreams? what is the meaning behind dreams? what the relation between dream and reality? Is dream a sigh of our life? Is dream the memory of our past life? Does your soul travel to another world when you dream? if soul is existent.

I am eager to find out the fact.



Dream 1023

Dream 1022

Dream 1021

Lost 1029

He was gone

Murder, Canibal and fear

Residual signals of fear


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