I was at somewhere, where’s here? It’s Shanxi, a woman told me, a woman was with me, but I didn’t see her at all, I didn’t who’s that either. It’s nice here. I thought or maybe I said. A man came to me, I also didn’t see him, didn’t know who’s him either. I walked out a narrow alley, there were some big blocks made by concrete on the ground, I jumped on it one after another to move forward. “Look over there” the man said, ” isn’t it nice?” I saw some traditional Chinese buildings with grey roof tiles of cloud shape.

The he gave me his hand, I saw the hand, there’s some romantic feeling in me, I held his hand, and he dragged me up to one block after another very fast, it’s getting higher and higher, I said, no,,no, stop stop! But he didn’t stop, I am afraid of…

I am afraid of what, I woke up by the fear.

I am afraid of hight, I told myself when I woke up.



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