Dream 1021




Tombs, full of tombs. I walk with maybe three or four people. I’m so afraid that I hide behind somebody who might be my dad.

We sit in the middle of the tombs. I’m super scared. And we have to stay there over night. Then there is a cover, a big plank, stands in front of my feet, like a pitched roof. Then I feel much safer.


Yahui Kan, he’s my classmate from elementary school, I climbed up to the pitched roof of a pigyard, and try my best to manage walking on it to somewhere. He is there with me, can’t remember what’s he doing there.

Then we somehow are at her home, her mom’s bedroom, I am thinking her mom is a every tidy person.


My bf’ex, wrote something in Chinese, she wrote: All Chinese people are annoying.

Why such strong hatred?