Dream 1022



When I closed my eyes, I saw two legs, black dog legs, I saw the paws and a short part of legs were tied together clearly. I’m sure I wasn’t asleep but I saw it.

It was a bit difficult to fall asleep but I made it.

I stood by a railway. A man was jumping and running toward me on the railway. As he came closer, I saw his hands were tied together. E saw me and nodded to me slightly without any fear, then he jumped off the railway, kept running straight.

I saw another man was running faster than him toward me on the railway.

“What should I say if he ask me did I see the man?” I thought.

I turned around my head, the man was just about 10 steps away. There’s no doubt he could get caught very easily.

Then the man after him came to me, he didn’t ask me anything but kept checking around the railway, and there was another fork.

The other man stopped, he talked to me, “Why can people divorce via Facebook, it’s not right. And we will keep the three papers separately, so that he can’t get the divorce papers.”

“Wht does he need the divorce papers? I asked” maybe he needs it to get married again.

My cousin was there too, it seems like he needed the divorce paper, but he was preparing his meal, scrambling eggs in a polystyrene plate. “I have food, it’s my lunch box, give it to you.” I took out my food, it’s a super tiny round box, and there’s food in there, but cold food.


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