It is a river. It looks alike the river in my hometown. The stream washed over rapidly.

A sandbank is in between the rapid stream. There are two people standing there. Mother with son or a couple.

“Are they going to be washed away?” I asked.

There is someone else maybe Yu who is my friend from childhood. We are on the way back home from somewhere. Probably from JH school. We passed that river everyday when we were in the JH school.

We walked, and it is not like a real place anymore, it is a desert or maybe just looks like a desert. full of sand, the color is yellowish. we walked up and down. Then I see something vivid.

A huge bottomless round sand well, countless small holes on the wall of the huge sand well.

What are they in the holes? something is pulled out, it is like a honeycomb, there are some seeds or eggs in the honeycomb.


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