Lost 1029



I was not alone, but I was lost, again. I was with someone, a female, but I didn’t know who was that.

We were going to somewhere, but didn’t know where was our destination. There was some music of playing drum coming from a house. The house was Hui’s home. (Hui is my classmate from childhood, He is also my neighbor, but we didn’t spend much time together.It is the second time he comes to my dream.)

Then I didn’t turn right at the intersection, because I wanted to go straight to the end and then turn right, I think it should be the same. But, when we reached the end, I was lost, I didn’t know where should we go except go back to the way where we were from.

And I recalled the drum sound, I said or I thought, let’s follow the sound, then we could go back.

We went back.


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