Murder, Canibal and fear



Michael and I were at a bank, maybe it was a bank, I couldn’t distinguish it by what I saw, but I could know it was a bank by what I felt. Some man was murdered, and lied down in front of me. The blood was on his body and on the knife. Yes, there was a knife in Michael’s hand, or maybe it was in my hand.

I wasn’t sure who did it, maybe Michael, maybe me, or maybe someone else not even Michael, but it turned out, there were only us left there with the dead body at that room. So, apparently, we were the murderers.

Then we left as if nothing was happened when there were more people were coming.

At the moment we left, I didn’t fear anything, I didn’t worry about anything. By time passing by, I started to be afraid more and more. The fear was getting strong, and I started to think about what to do next… Imaging Michael would put in the jail for the rest of life, that was so horrible. The fear was about losing something important in the life.


I don’t know who’s that, a man with a unfamiliar face. But in the dream, he’s my husband or lover.

He got a human corpse, a female corpse. In order to help out someone, he agreed to process this body. Mostly like, it was streamed or boiled(not sure about how did he do this) then, the processed meat was sent to another guy, who made this meat to sausages and sold them.

There was last chance to get out there to somewhere. And he said, if he was not careful enough, then he’d get in trouble or die.

So I told him again and again, please leave now, please be mindful.

Fear, it is all about fear.


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