Haimi Wang aka 王海旭 is located in Taipei Taiwan who was born in Beipiao Northeast China. She published many stories in magazines and news papers in her early 20’s in China. Haimi is not only a novelist but also a poet and a painter.

⇒Education background

She’s been working on her degree at NOU, and studied History and Politics of Education at Chaoyang Teacher’s College after high school.

⇒Publish events

  • In 2005, she put her life into writing and finished her first novel 焚燒25年.
  • In 2008, her first historical based novel 驪姬風雲 was published and on sale in bricks and mortar book stores.
  • In 2017, her three books were published on Google Book store.

⇒Published Chinese books :

⇒Books in process:

  • Twisted (written in English)
  • Screwy Susana (written in English)


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