Nothing but Love

When light shone through her eyes,

Fear was gone, hope was risen.

Nothing to live for but love,

Why did not you love her.

When wind blew through her hairs,

Time was gone, truth was risen.

Nothing to hope for but love,

Why did not you love her.

Written by Haimi Wak


I’ve been chasing you for so long. The meaning of life, reflected in you.

You’ve been teasing me since the very beginning. The everything of being, seduction of beauty.

Fragile and transiency is the truth of all.

It’s a bubble, the life, the universe and you and me.

Written by Haimi Wak


Why have you been chained? Did you gain anything?

In the name of love, nobody but I put the chain on my own ankel.

At the end of the chain, it is a pole called time. Time has no shore, but the ankel will turn to be dust.

Free! Break the chain! Time breaks my life.

Written by Haimi Wak