Residual signals of fear


Have you ever experienced any other people’s lives in dreams? And you had no clue about why it was happened.

I had that wonderful day with Michael on his birthday, we went to the beach shop, he had a super joyful time there, and the only thing, I could relate to my dream that night was the waves…

I was one of those women with kids trying to hide together in a very small building. The building was like a maze and it was topless, the walls were super short as the space was very narrow as well. I somehow could manage to hide myself with my daughter at the safest place, and I made sure no Japanese soldier could see us and then slaughter us.

There was another woman in front of me at the other side of the short wall. She tried her best to hide her kid and covered them with a flowering blanket. But I could see, her half body was exposed.

They were coming, the deadly Japanese soldiers. A man asked a question:” Does anyone know how to make @#$%^ cake?” I didn’t know what kind of cake he asked. And I knew it was a trick to get us. Unfortunately, a little girl stood up and answered the question.

Her mother soon was discovered and was taken to the front, her hands were tied up. The man smiled and cut off the ropes on her hands, he said:” I will let you go…”

Suddenly, my daughter ran out, she said she needed to pee, and she ran very fast. At the same time, some Japanese soldier shouted:” run! run!”

I started to run with my mother, I didn’t know when was she there with me. we caught up my daughter, I picked her up in my hand, she became so small like a bird, or she transformed to a little bird.

I felt I couldn’t run any longer anymore, but the soldiers were after us. My mother held my hand, and she dragged me to run faster than before.

There was no way to escape the slaughter. More soldiers were coming in front us, we were surrounded. We jumped over the wall, and there was the ocean out there.

With no choice, many women and kids including my mother, my daughter and me, running into the ocean…

I didn’t know how long it’s been. When I woke up, I was still in the water, there was a cliff behind us, it was another place or maybe not. Then it’s changed to another scene. There was a stage in front of us, people were telling this story I just experienced. And, some of the real survivors came on the stage, some were killed or drowned. I could not stop crying and crying.

The dream was so lucid, like a dream in dream, or an experience in dream. And I wonder, was that me escaping the slaughter or it’s really happened to someone else? Were they survived or were they killed?